Ground Auger

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Brand immersion, assessment and strategy, Messaging and storytelling, Studio and Location Photography, LOGO Identity redesign, Package redesign and sourcing, Freestanding POP display design, Print advertisements design, Media planning and fulfillment, pro staff development and television sponsorship, branded apparel.

“Lake Strategic Marketing’s staff has unprecedented knowledge and experience. They have worked and guided my company through each and every step of the marketing process, from branding, catalog design, point of sale information and TV sponsorships, just to mention a few. I had no experience in the outdoor industry and a new product to take to market, and Lake Strategic developed a budget and business plan for my company that fit my new company’s cash flow and goals. With their resources, they have saved me thousand of dollars and hundreds of hours, which allowed me to avoid the pit falls and mistakes many new businesses make. The most valuable asset that Lake Strategic Marketing provided my company is that each and every employee is committed to your company’s success, and the counsel they provide daily cannot be measured in dollars and cents.” — Kevin Brooks, Ground Auger Hunting Solutions